JUPITER (2015-2016)

JUPITER aims at EGNSS awareness raising, capacity building and promotion activities for fostering business development of EGNSS based applications worldwide in response to the H2020 societal challenges at stake for mobility and transportation. The official website is jupiter-egnss-its.eu

JUPITER is a two years project aiming to promote the European GNSS satellite navigation technology - EGNSS, in particular in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. For this reason, the project plans to present EGNSS applications able to highlight EGNSS added value and advantages at events of international importance as the 2015 ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France and the 2016 ITS World Congress in Melbourne, Australia. Indeed,  JUPITER will deliver support activities organized along four key axes:

  1. Awareness raising about the opportunities and benefits offered by EGNSS;
  2. Fostering business development for EGNSS worldwide;
  3. Technological innovation and capacity building;
  4. Support to SMEs.

NavSAS will be the task leader of the WP4.2: Development pf training materials for ITS developers and for Local Council purchasers. The training materials will target two communities relevant for the ITS market, the ITS developers and the Local Council purchasers. The project will organize modules composed by a one day training course completed with online webinars.

The following video presents a spoofing attack detection exploiting Galileo signals autentication. This video was presented at the JUPITER project booth - European GNSS Village during the ITS World Congress 2015, 5-9 October, in Bordeaux, France.


In the following webinar ISMB researchers present the GNSS systems, the status of the European GNSS and the fundamental role of the “local integrity” concept for the successful deployment of the autonomous driving.