Interference and Spoofing: New Challenges for Satellite Navigation Receivers

TitleInterference and Spoofing: New Challenges for Satellite Navigation Receivers
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsDovis F, Musumeci L, Linty N, Pini MM
Book TitleAdvancing Embedded Systems and Real-Time Communications with Emerging Technologies / Seppo Virtanen
PublisherIGI Global
CityHersey, PA
Keywordsglobal navigation satellite system (gnss), Interference, spoofing

This chapter deals with one of the major concerns for reliable use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), providing a description of intentional and unintentional threats, such as interference, jamming, and spoofing. Despite the fact that these phenomena have been studied since the early stages of Global Positioning System (GPS), they were mainly addressed for military applications of GNSS. However, a wide range of recent civil applications related to user safety or featuring financial implications would be deeply affected by interfering or spoofing signals intentionally created. For such a reason, added value processing algorithms are being studied and designed in order to embed in the receiver an interference reporting capability so that they can monitor and possibly mitigate interference events