ASSIST (Advanced Snow plough and salt Spreader based on Innovative Space Technologies) Demonstartion Project - ASSIST DEMO aims to promote and activate the high potential market for space-based high-end services in supporting the winter road maintenance activities (mostly the road icing control and snow ploughing operational scenarios) by deploying a multi-sites pilot-demonstration to the most promising European market perspectives for such services. ASSIST DEMO will run for 24 months and is the continuation of the former ASSIST project.

Nowadays, looking at the winter maintenance market, there are no technological solutions that can be compared with those proposed in the ASSIST demo project, especially in relation to the use of space assets technologies (i.e. satellite navigation and Earth Observation). In particular, at present the on-board navigation systems (mostly based on mass-market GPS receivers) supporting the winter maintenance operations do not rely on precise and robust positioning. The market claims a huge demand of new trustworthy but cost-effective technologies based on GNSS technologies able to ensure the accuracy and the robustness of the positioning as requested for a fully automatic control of the spreading equipment and snow ploughs, then bringing a real innovation in the winter maintenance domain.
The ASSIST demo project intends to address these opportunities by providing a set of high-end services then intercepting the real needs of the winter maintenance operators (the drivers involved in these activities as well as the management overseeing the operations), fully exploiting the insights from the forerunner feasibility study.



European Space Agency