Performance Assessment of the New L2C CNAV GPS Signal

TitlePerformance Assessment of the New L2C CNAV GPS Signal
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHai T T, Dinh T N, Falco G, Linty N, Cristodaro C, Romero R, Dovis F
Conference Nameproceedings of the International Symposium on GNSS, IS-GNSS 2015
Keywordscarrier smoothing, cnav message, gnss software receiver, gps l2c

L2C is a relatively new GPS signal which is part of the GPS modernization program. In April 2014, the Air Force began broadcasting a valid L2C CNAV navigation message. When combined with the L1 C/A legacy signal in a dual-frequency receiver, L2C enables interesting features such as improved reliability, PVT solution accuracy and robustness in weak signal environments. Based on L1 C/A signal, our software receiver has been adapted to the L2C signal structure. This paper suggests methods for acquisition, tracking and PVT computation for the L2C signal exploiting the benefits of double frequency receiver