Walk EGNOS (2012-2013)

Walk EGNOS aims to provide users "EGNOS powered" tracks.

WalkEGNOS is a project co-funded by European Commission within the 7th framework program. WalkEGNOS will propose a website (www.WalkEGNOS.com) able to offer different services to people that spend time on the mountains. The website will allow users to share their "walks", but the core and innovative service is the provision of accurate and "EGNOS powered" tracks, that represents an improvement with respect to common GPS tracks and emerged as a "need" in particular for professional users. Such service is based on the post processing of the data provided by the users themselves and EGNOS, that, as augmentation service, can supply information useful to improve GPS accuracy and at the same time to provide an estimation of the error done in the computation of the user position.

In order to accomplish a correct position computation the WalkEGNOS post processing engine needs the provision of the so called "raw data" from the user side and the EGNOS corrections available from the EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS). A generic user that wants to obtain an "EGNOS powered" record of his/her mountain walk needs a device able to log not only positions but also the raw measurements; such measurements are performed by every GNSS receiver and are used by the receiver itself for the position computation. Once the walk is complete, the user can access the WalkEGNOS website, upload his/her track(s) and obtain the results. The relevant feature of the website is to be based on the Web 2.0 concept putting users at the centre of the website itself. In order to leverage on this feature, interactions are also foreseen with other similar websites and social networks.



Further information are available on the Walk EGNOS website.


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