On March the 17th, the FANTASTIC project kicked-off in Leuven, Belgium.


Under the sponsorship of the European GNSS Agency (GSA), FANTASTIC had its official kick-off. This project will be executed by a consortium that brings an immense amount of know-how, experience and market access together: Septentrio (as coordinator), Fraunhofer IIS, GMV, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (NavSAS, and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. In two years, it will develop an enhanced positioning and timing engine for use as a critical component in professional positioning and timing applications. By leveraging on the characteristics of the new European navigation satellite system, Galileo, centimetre level accuracy, high availability, maximum reliability and hacker-proof security will be attained.

Galileo has been declared operational on December 15th: FANSTATIC has its main objective in bringing its advantages to professional GNSS applications doing a leap towards dependability, beyond mere accuracy.

Dependability implies three dimensions: availability (also in dense urban area and under foliage), reliability (meaning the reliability of the error indicator, which is strictly related to the integrity concept) and security (the resilience of the system to intentional attacks, as spoofing). Dependability also implies safety, which is handled in each domain of application by appropriate certification and quality assurance procedures.

The core activity of this project is to develop a Field Aware Navigation and Timing Authentication Sensor for Timing Infrastructure and Centimeter level positioning. An innovative “field aware” antenna technology will be developed and combined with receiver-level Galileo-specific features based on the Commercial Service, the pilot signals and the frequency diversity. This will substantially broaden the scope of professional GNSS applications, making them work where they couldn’t work before.

Three specific use cases will be tested and demonstrated within this project:

  1. Commercial Service based precise positioning. The innovations introduced in this project will increase the PPP solution availability, the convergence time (equivalent to “time to first fix”) through improving multipath mitigation.
  2. Machine control for construction, agriculture. In this use case the improvement of RTK availability and reliability will be demonstrated.
  3. Timing. First commercial steps towards secure products will be made by implementing time authentication and spoofing detection and rejection in timing products.

FANTASTIC has been funded under the Fundamental Elements programme of the GSA, a new EU R&D funding mechanism supporting the development of EGNSS-enabled chipsets, receivers and antennas, with the major objectives of facilitating the adoption of the European GNSS Systems and improving the competitiveness of the EU industry, by addressing specific user needs in priority market segments.