6th European Workshop on GNSS Signals and Signal Processing

The scope of the workshop is to provide an overview of GNSS signals and the related processing techniques. The technical discussion will concentrate on aspects like GNSS signal design and performance, the effects of propagation through the atmosphere and the influences of the user environment on the received signals. In times where new systems like Galileo and BeiDou are being deployed and GPS and GLONASS are being modernized with the transmission of new signals, the performance of multiconstellation receivers and the use of advanced signal processing techniques will be also of great interest. Last but definitely not least, a strong accent will be put on the vulnerabilities of GNSS signals, discussing the various types of threats that GNSS users should be aware of and identifying possible countermeasures.The 6th European Workshop on GNSS Signals and Signal Processing is held from December 5-6, 2013 at Universität der Bundeswehr München.More information at http://ifen.bauv.unibw.de/gnss-signals-workshop/#
Tuesday, November 5, 2013